Tuesday, August 9, 2011

underpants confession

Dear God,

I'm sorry I judged that woman so harshly this morning,
the woman with her underpants showing under her skirt
as she rode her bicycle to work.

I don't know where those voices came from,
the ones in my head that yelled,
“disgusting! Whore! Should be ashamed of herself!”

Are they really the voices of a mature Christian perspective
of humanity? Identity? Gender?

Or the horrific voices of human nature twisted,
bent out of loving shape by
centuries of habitual blaming of Eve?

Wherever they came from,
please take them away.

Never let me again scream inwardly in hatred
at a woman not trying to be sexual, sensual or tempting,
but just going about her business,
riding to work, focussed on her task, not her clothing.

Thankyou so much that you don't condemn me
for my iniquities,
or shut me out from your love in screaming hatred.

Thanks that you screamed at Jesus instead.

I don't understand why.
He never allowed voices in His head to judge unjustly.

But you forgive me, love me, because of Him.


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