Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Heavenly Father, God of sexiness.
Thankyou for side-long glances, subtle stares.
Thankyou for blushing,
the thrill of the chase.

We praise you for slippery foods, wobbly custard.
For red meat, oysters and wine.

Thankyou for round bottoms, firm forearms,
thankyou for curls on the nape of the neck, 
black, brown, blonde, red, green and purple hair. 
Thankyou for tatts, for piercings, 
for long lashes, man-boobs and a thousand other little vulnerabilities.

Thankyou for making men strong, energetic and comfortable.
Thankyou for making women soft, curvy and inviting, literally.

Thankyou that, apparently, men want it any which way and how, 
whenever they can,
so that when we feel fat, ugly and over it, 
they're still gunning their engines, keen for a race.

Thankyou Jesus that even though you died a 33 year old virgin, 
you were sexy.
Thankyou that virgins and singles everywhere are sexy too.

Thankyou Jesus that some people would've found you sexy, irresistible,
that you would have admired others, but never stuffed it up like we do.

Thankyou for being our partner, the bridegroom of the church, our lover, our friend.

We praise you Holy Spirit, God In The Room, God In Our Hearts.
May our unions reflect yours, the way you've bound us together with Christ,
monogomous, yearning, eternal.
Thankyou that you're God With Us in the Bedroom too.

We praise you God of sex for showing us the power, the vulnerability, the transcendent, excruciating, exciting glimpse into you. 

We thankyou for all the 'little deaths', all the thrusting, vernal energy,
all the hoping, rejoicing, crying, falling.
We thankyou that you show us the way to be so close, so intimate, so loving, so perfectly different yet one.

We thankyou for every 'flower born to blush unseen' because with you, nothing is wasted. 

We look forward to the greater joy, the greater reality, that outweighs even this, our greatest pleasure. 

We thank you for the invitation to the dance. 

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