Thursday, August 4, 2011

prayer after Hebrews

Almighty heavenly Father, 

You know where the mountain goats give birth, 
and you watch when the doe bears her fawn. 

You let the wild donkey loose, you untied his ropes
and gave him the desert as his home. 

The hawk takes flight by your wisdom
and spreads his wings toward the south. 

Father, you made creatures we've not even seen
and you know every detail of their lives. 

We cry at destruction we do see 
but you're so much more aware than us of every detail that is wrong in this world. 

So we pray for our brothers and sisters in the horn of Africa, 
those people you've made who we've never even seen. 
We don't know their names, their families, their faces, 
but they're starving to death and being swallowed up in violence. 

Rescue them Father in your compassionate wisdom!
You are holy, powerful and loving! 
You can fix this!!

Search us Lord, and examine our hearts. 

You know already what you'll find there, 
a totally muddled confusion of good and bad motives,
strong desires you've given us, 
and twisted plans for feeding them... 

Sometimes we even deliberately do the wrong thing, 
thinking wrongly, or acting wrongly, 
knowing what you really want from us. 


Thank you so much that when you examine our hearts
you wash and clean them also
and love us fully. 

Help us not to shrink back and be destroyed. 


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