Friday, September 30, 2011


Won't it be good,
when everyone worships you,
and there's no strife any more
over which God to follow.

Won't it be good when we all acknowledge
and thank you for all your goodness to us,
living in the harmony so many of us desire,
when we're truly at one with nature,
because we're at one with you,
its maker.

John asked us to Imagine
all people living as one.

I rejoice that you are bringing us,
calling us to gather
round the tree of life,
with healing leaves...

And Yusuf and I won't have to fight any more...
That'll be good.

But we only won't be arguing
because he'll be gone...

And that is where my courage fails.

No Beatle, Bono, or Bon Jovi
ever ended a song for world peace
by proclaiming damnation.

No pop songs prophesy the establishment of righteousness
by the rooting out of all evil, rejection and dishonour.
Or if they do, it's about people 'over there'
instead of the ones in here...

Am I like a mistaken German,
loving Hitler?

You're not promising an Aryan paradise,
created by the extermination of all
destructive elements.

But there are many images
of gas chambers,
melting pots,
vats and floods of blood.

I think you promise resurrection
and restoration.

But there will be a charnel house for some...

What do I do with that?

I love you.
I love that picture of perfect peace.
I hope it will come.  

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