Tuesday, February 5, 2013


My life with church has always been
a fruitless, frustrating, wearying carousel
of weekly sex with no orgasm.

It's so exhausting and unfulfilling.

I don't wanna go!!!

The technicians stand around the bed making suggestions,
the number of participants,
the verbal content,
the soundtrack,
tweaking these things will increase arousal,
and on our system,
you'll be screaming with joy
on a rostered basis.

Well it never happens,
and the appointments,
and the discussions,
and the arguments
just make it worse and worse and worse.

Heightening the expectation that is already disappointed,
calling for a something that is never going to


Why torture me so?

It blinds me to the other values of this bride of Christ,
the other reasons to pursue her.

If satisfying sex is on offer,
but never delivered,
just like any horny teenager,
I'll dump her and move on,
seeking nourishment for my deep
spiritual need
somewhere else.

But we're engaged,
not married yet.
The consummation awaits,
the glorious union with you.
The truly orgasmic, exciting climax
when all creation will find it's fulfillment.

So stop dangling this dangerous fruit.

Like all long engagements,
this situation has its pitfalls,
not least the seeming stretching
of every second into an hour,
every hour into a year,
enduring the not-so-great while waiting for the best thing ever.

So when we launch into the same routine again,
next time,
turn the lights down low,
turn the music up,
but never get to the point where the heaving and sighing gets anywhere,

help me to remember that it's a lie to expect anything more.

There are other reasons to love her anyway,
and to continue to hold at arms length
those doctors who promise easy solutions,
but no real answers.  

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