Thursday, January 31, 2013

being kathy bates

So apparently I think I'm Kathy Bates in Misery...

That anyone trapped in conversation with me is just wondering,
"when is she gonna break my legs so she can keep me here?"
"how can I escape?!!"
Hoping that I'm not going to further display my mental disturbance
by drugging them,
tricking them into something resembling friendship.

Cheerful isn't it,
the assumption I'm blackmailing, manipulating everyone.
That they're being polite at first, because they have to,
but soon would rather be anywhere but in the room with me.

I think like that about you sometimes too.
That you're just loving me out of obligation,
and soon you're gonna leave me too.

In this room,
where I rightfully belong,
with only the emptiness and waste to talk to,
a fitting punishment for whatever it is my mind thinks I've done.

Why do I think I'm Kathy?



  1. Yet another beautiful honest post.
    But I'm sure that you're not Kathy Bates, and I promise that I'm not just saying that. But we all have moments of self doubt, well, maybe lots of moments. But I hope you get over this feeling of Kathy and move on to feeling like Jennifer Aniston - because EVERYONE wants a piece of her!!!

  2. Oh Jo...I adore you, I love being in the same room as you!