Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I wrote this yesterday as an example of a group poem. It's a writing exercise I stole from the magnificent Adrian Plass - each member of the group finishes a sentence such as "our God is..." or "the righteous are" and the results are read out together. I've done this in a few sizes of groups, and it's magnificent every time to see the variety of emotional expression in our individual relationships with God. It's also quite thrilling for people who'd never attempt poetry to see what is possible, and, I think, brings a new depth of appreciation. 

I'll be sharing this exercise in my bible study group next week - maybe you could try it in a group you're in? It doesn't have to be on a 'religious' theme!

Our God is...

Our God is a breath of pure oxygen after a day of smog.
Our God is awesome, mighty and powerful. 
Our God is the reason I get up in the morning. 
Our God is a far off Father who always seems angry.
Our world is a desperate place, full of striving and wasted energy.
Our world is startling in its beauty, terrifying in its terrors.
Our world is full of people who need God.
Our world is a place that makes me tired.
The wicked are many, and seem to get away with everything.
The wicked are probably misunderstood. 
The wicked are as in need of grace as I am.
The wicked are people that think only of themselves.

The righteous are ridiculously lucky, they don't deserve what they're getting.
The righteous are failures saved by grace.
The righteous are really annoying sometimes, because they think they know it all. 
The righteous are people transformed by God.

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