Sunday, August 5, 2012

cutting a covenant

Marriage - sealed with a kiss,
not a cut,
'though intermingling blood
will stain pure sheets,
proving true cost of loyalty:
when broken, hearts will bleed.

Flood - sealed with a bow,
a sign
that rain will not overshoot it's place
as a weapon against sin, the world and the devil,
to overwhelm by drowning.
Clear-cut colour, witness to grace.

Communion - sealed with a cup,
some bread,
a prayer.
Feeble evocation of slaughter:
omitting stink, bile and skin,
but perfect prompt for a meal,
a feast,
of fellowship, grace, and daily need
provided by the promise maker,
cut, out, excluded,
faithful still,
heavenly baker, vigneron and king. 

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