Wednesday, February 22, 2012

when lonely

Too weird for anyone to marry,
too isolated for anyone to try,
too pep-talked by family and friends not to realise
there must be a strong dissociation in the way people view me.

Too tired today, tonight, this morning,
to fight the cognitive-behavioural battle by myself.
Not that I ever should.

I turn to your word for solace and correction,
finding there a lesson in Divine Maths.

1 + 0 = many.
1 + Yahweh = can conquer a horde.
1 + The Family = is a bond eternal.
1 + 1 merely mimics 1 = 3 = 1.

In the 'New Maths', 1 + Many = is a better representation
of that Trinitarian algebra,
that mysterious formula,
that magical sum,
than a little 1 + 1.

"Your Creator will be your husband,
the Commander of Heavenly Armies is His name."