Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do Not Be Afraid *bullshit cough*

"Do not be afraid" the angel said. 
Then handed Mary an AK47, 
a pack of bullets
and a steak for the dogs. 

"Do not be afraid" the angel said. 
Then beat Zechariah unconscious, 
and mute. 
So he didn't have to endure
9 months of pregnancy, 
30-odd years of parenting,
and the hideous conclusion
of his son's bloody death. 

"Do not be afraid" the angel said. 
Then gave Sarah an open womb, 
a good laugh, 
and the right to rape a slave girl. 

"Do not be afraid" the angel said. 
Then pulled Gideon out of his hole, 
gave him a pep talk
and let him loose
with a band of thirsty murderers. 

"Do not be afraid" the angel says. 
And the strangest consequences always follow. 

"Do not be afraid,
for I am with you says the Lord". 
Well you would know, 
this was all your idea in the first place. 

Do not be afraid, 
because like following orders
when you're a Private,
with a particularly thick-necked, vocal Sergeant, 
there is an incentive. 

But it's more than just 
a desire to avoid
a punishment 
created to make best use of
old toothbrushes
and polished concrete floors. 

It's a chance, 
an invitation. 
To be part of something better, 
bigger, weirder, scarier, more exciting and confusing
than anything we could devise,
if you gave us a million keyboards and a million monkeys. 

We've stepped into the mad-house with you. 
On a mad-cap mission
to a mad-dening world.

So we will be afraid. 

Which is why you have to keep repeating yourself. 

Please do. 


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